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Start renting your item in 4 Simple Steps

Find your Product

Search your camera or browse our brands to find the right camera

Pick up your gear

Pick up your gear at our office, Grensásvegur 1, 108 Reykjavik


Go out and get some great shots during your rental period.


Return your item to us when you’re done.

Email us what equipment you need and for how long and we will send you a quote as soon as possible.

Make sure you read our rental agreement before you checkout

All prices include VSK (VAT) and basic insurance. For more information on our insurance policy,
Please read the rental agreement.

You can then stop by our office at

Grensasvegur 1
108 Reykjavik

​ and pick up your gear.

You will need to bring your passport, drivers licence or other documentation that clearly states your name, nationality, date of birth and address.